Landline Solutions

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Save up to 80% on phone calls compared to BT

When you order our calls service we will contact your existing supplier to have your outgoing calls routed automatically. The whole process is easy and straight forward; you do not need to make any changes to your telecoms equipment and your phone number remains the same.

New orders for voice calls follow an industry standard process set by OFCOM, the telecommunications regulator, and take 10 working days to go live. Once you place an order, we will keep you informed of progress and the date on which you go-live and start to place calls via us.

We are passionate about customer service and ensuring we respond rapidly and effectively to your needs. Telephone support is free. Our customer service centre is based in the UK and is staffed by highly knowledgeable and helpful professionals.

Through your online control panel you can view and analyse bills in detail ensuring you keep full control of your costs. Detailed records of calls and costs can be downloaded into Excel giving you the flexibility to analyse your calls as you need. Calls can be tracked by telephone extension.

Benefits of using our Telecom’s calls service
Landlines How does it work?

Transferring your lines and calls is simple. Lines can be transferred across to our network by simply filling in our order form and on a like-for-like basis. No site visit will be required and there will be no change to your existing numbers. The only difference will be a lower cost and a better service for your business.

We can supply a range of telephony connectivity options to suit your requirements including analogue PSTN and ISDN lines, all at a lower cost.

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