Frequently Asked Questions

Find the right SIM for your device
There are 3 types of SIM cards that all differ in size. These SIMs are known as:
Every device is designed to work with a certain size, so ensure you check which one you need for your phone, tablet or mobile broadband/4G Wi-Fi device.
If you’re unsure which SIM size your device needs, you can:

This is the original SIM size and is mainly used in older phones and devices.
Example of devices using the standard SIM:

Micro SIMs are a smaller size. These are mainly used in smartphones.
If you're using a recent smartphone and it doesn't take a micro SIM, you might need a Nano SIM.
Examples of micro SIM devices:

Used with the latest Apple devices, this is the smallest size out of the three.
Examples of Nano SIM devices:
Multi and Combi SIMs

Multi SIM - This is the latest type of SIM card, which holds all three formats (standard, micro and Nano) in one.
Combi SIM - This SIM card can hold either a standard SIM or a micro SIM.

Problems with your SIM
If your SIM is not working, or if you need another size, Please contact Rubyhall Solutions Ltd.
Here's a tip though - before ordering a new one, try turning your device off and on again and check that the sim is inserted properly into your device.
You first bill will cover the cost of your plan and any services you may use such as: Your bill date
This is the day your bill is produced. It's also the same date your plan’s allowances refresh.
Calling or Going Abroad
If you want to use your handset overseas, there are two things you need to bear in mind:
You must have your phone set to "International roaming". You need to contact Rubyhall or your mobile phone network provider to ensure that this service is enabled for your phone prior to travelling.
There are bundles and add ons available from all the networks to help keep the cost of roaming down, please contact Rubyhall to find out which can be added to your number.

If you have any other questions please contact us on 0333577 3007 or email